Free Report: Is There Flexibility in HOS?

There may not be a great deal of flexibility in current HOS rules, but the FMCSA recently gathered public comments at the urging of a number of different industries, parts of the trucking industry, and even members of Congress.

While it remains to be seen what action will be taken, in a recent webinar sponsored by FleetLocate, a representative of the FMCSA reported on four areas of input that were gathered, including:

  • Expanding the short haul window
  • Adverse driving conditions
  • The 30-minute rest break provision
  • Split sleeper berth periods

Find out what changes are proposed and what additional petitions for changes have been submitted in this free report, plus learn how Darling Ingredients is handling the real-world challenges of implementing compliance.

Find out where the flexibility lies in HOS—get this up-to-date report today.

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