Get the Latest on FMCSA Driver Disqualification Rulings

The FMCSA recently provided new guidance on some older questions relating to driver disqualification. Are you up to speed on these rulings?

Find out in this quick overview from Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, which covers:

  • If a driver is convicted of “excessive speeding” two times in a three-year
    period in his or her personal vehicle, would he or she be disqualified?
  • Can a driver can be issued a “conditional,” “occupational,” or “hardship” license that includes CDL privileges if the CDL holder loses their privileges to operate a private passenger vehicle?
  • If a driver has a valid CDL in the state they live in but also holds a suspended license in another state due to non-motor vehicle traffic control law conviction, is he or she disqualified from operating a CMV?
  • And more

Don’t guess how to comply with these rules — get your copy now!