Personal Conveyance under ELD:
Clearing the Confusion

Personal conveyance has long been a source of confusion for the industry because rules dictating appropriate use are vague. Compounding matters is law enforcement’s keen focus on personal conveyance as a possible source of hours of service fraud. How can you clarify what's required?

Find out in this quick overview from Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, which covers:

  • Under what circumstances may a driver operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) as a personal conveyance?
  • If a driver picks up the CMV from a repair facility once repairs are complete, would the driver be allowed to use personal conveyance to their residence from the repair shop?
  • When can a movement of a CMV during an off-duty period be considered personal conveyance?
  • And more

Don’t get caught in the confusion — get your copy now!