The leading GPS solution for Used Car Dealers

With a GPS solution like GoldStar, BHPH and Independent Auto Dealers can:

  • Proactively manage risk with reference checks up front
  • Send payment reminders to keep customers current and increase collections
  • Reduce the need to repossess or use starter interrupts
  • Rest easy knowing that they can quickly and cost effectively locate and recover vehicles if payments stop

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Perfect for Dealers

Designed with our customers in mind, GoldStar is more than just a GPS tracking device. Spireon understands the challenges used car dealers face, and we’ve engineered a solution that helps minimize risk while allowing you to grow your business with confidence.

Perfect for Lenders and Credit Unions too

Grow your portfolio by lending to credit challenged customers without increasing risk by partnering with the leader in GPS technology, Spireon's GoldStar Enterprise. Seamlessly integrate GoldStar Enterprise with existing workflows to make managing large auto loan portfolios easy, increase collections and recover vehicles faster when required.


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Compare our GoldStar products

One size does not fit all. That's why we offer GoldStar in scalable packages that grow with your business. Each one delivers simple-to-use features that protect you from risk and make your job easier.

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Hear from our customers

Watch two of our customers talk about how GoldStar has helped them manage their portfolio and reduce their risk, all while receiving award winning customer and technical support.