How it Works


When You Refer Kahu

You’re introducing dealers to the industry’s leading connected car and stolen vehicle recovery solution provider.


Don’t Keep Kahu a Secret.

Help friends transform their business like you did.





  • Referred prospect dealerships cannot be existing Kahu or SkyLink customers or in active negotiations with Spireon for purchase of Kahu or SkyLink. ‘Active negotiations’ are determined by the account’s status in Spireon’s Customer Relationship Management system.
  • Referrer and Referral cannot be part of the same dealer group under the same parent organization.
  • Referrers may refer dealerships outside of their own dealer groups.
  • The incentive will be paid via check within 30 days of the initial launch of Kahu at the new dealership.
  • Individual check recipients must provide a W-9.
  • Referrers may also specify the charity of their choice, and Spireon will pay the incentive to the charity on behalf of the referrer.
  • The incentive is a one-time payment for new preload customer accounts only with no recurring payments after the initial Kahu launch for the referral.