Award Winning Vehicle Intelligence That Drives Dealerships

Get more than location information. 
Get Kahu.

  • Remove barriers causing sales to drag and customers to lose interest.
  • Find vehicles in any lot more accurately using GPS.
  • Reduce time on inventory audits and battery management.
  • Protect vehicles from theft and recover them in less than 30 minutes.
  • Send service reminders to engage customers and build loyalty.

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Streamline Inventory Management Audits

The Kahu web portal acts as a mission-control for multi-lot vehicle counts and tracking. See macro views across all inventory and drill down into details for individual cars. The portal includes a data and reports that can help dealers improve how they manage low batteries to what inventory may need to be rotated to more prominent locations.


Coast-to-Coast Coverage

Kahu puts dealers' minds at ease knowing their and their customers' vehicles can be found virtually anywhere with unmatched nationwide coverage. The device is in 24/7 contact with cloud servers to provide dealerships and law enforcement with up-to-the-minute location and tracking information. With an average recovery time of 26 minutes using Kahu, dealers can find vehicles before it's too late.


Speed Up The Buying Process

Sales teams can search by model, battery levels, and other filters to find test drive vehicles in seconds. When the right vehicle is located, sales can see its exact location on a map. That's about 30 minutes saved per deal!


Send Timely Service Reminders

Set simple mileage thresholds by vehicle type and Kahu creates reports for customers nearing those milestones. Instead of using time-based mileage alerts, dealers can reach out with accurate and timely offers to keep their service drive churning.