Smart Trailer Is the Future: The Future Is Now! IntelliScan Webinar


The growing economy is increasing pressure on fleets to maximize trailer utilization. Learn about the impact on the industry and how new cargo sensor technologies can protect your growth and bottom line in this complimentary on demand webinar.

Is the capacity crunch putting pressure on your fleet to do more, faster, better?  Will today's fallible cargo sensors stymie your company's growth? 

If you’ve been frustrated by the notoriously fallible cargo sensors of the past, you know we have been long overdue for the cargo sensor of the future. Now, with the economy growing at a rapid pace, your company can't afford to be held back by outdated trailer technology.

In this complimentary webinar, you'll hear how:

  • Rapid economy growth is resulting in strained trailer capacity
  • Limited trailer availability is driving the need for companies to fully optimize trailer utilization
  • The driver shortage is exacerbating the problem
  • New technology is arising to address this need
  • And more

You'll also get a first look at Spireon’s IntelliScan® advanced detection technology which leverages a proprietary combination of optical imaging and laser time of flight technologies to deliver unprecedented accuracy for loaded/unloaded, and soft cargo/extreme environment cargo sensing.

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